Weight Loss Challenges

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The Trials and Tribulations of trying to lose weight

Some of the many questions that I so often hear from clients is that they are tired of the yo-yo of cycling up and down with their weight. Many want to make a change in the lives because they have become so tired of living they way that they have and they are just ready. So many people ask, “How do I lose weight?’. Sounds like such a simple question, and it really has a simple answer.

I will give you the secret to weight loss. (side note: if you have underling medical issues this may not pertain to you)

Calories in = Calories out

Now what do I mean when I say that. What I’m saying is if you were to count all the calories that you consume in a day and then you calculate you basal metabolic rate you will determine how many calories that you need to consume in a day to maintain your current weight and activity level.

Does that make since?

I will break it down a little bit further and give you some resources.

  1. First you will need to figure out your basal metabolic rate. To be completely accurate, if you live in the United States you can go a physicians office and have a resting metabolic rate RMR performed. The way that they perform this test is to have you sit in a chair while your O2, CO2, and heart rate are monitored for around 15-20 minutes. To measure in the intake and output levels of this gases you have to wear a mask that will collect data of these levels. While you sit and “try and relax” all of your measurements will be taken so that you can figure out your true RMR. With all that being said you can also just go and find a calculator like this one (Click Here) and calculate your BMR. This will give you a general idea of what your BMR is at rest. Of course you can change some metric that are on this calculator but if you want to give it a try it is pretty neat to play around with.
  2. Now that you understand your BMR and caloric amount that you need for the day, you can adjust your calories that you consumer to fall approximately 500 calories less than that number.
  3. Next you need to monitor you Fat, Protein, as well as your Carbohydrate intake. A really good resource for this to help you out would be a tracker. The reason that I suggest this is not to over burden you with suggestions, this is so that you can determine for yourself what you want to make changes on. A suggested app would be Fat Secret you can find this app on the App Store with the iPhone or on Google Play whichever phone you have either way. So the goal would be to download this app and then to track exactly where you have the calories coming in from.

Ultimate Goals

So with all those nitty gritty details out of the way what is the secret. Well it is quite complicated and the formula is the secret to the weight loss. Honestly all diets will work as long as you are burning and using more calories than you consume in a day. However there is a formula that will get you there and help you take charge of your life. If you are willing to make that change then make the change, because the will to make a change has to come from within.

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