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healthy fats expample of avacodos ina salad

So I ran across this great article that I wanted to share with you all about how preparing almost exactly the same meal can diff quite substantially depending on how it is prepared. Here is the link to the article.

differences in macro nutrients

Here is a good example of using less oil, trimming fat off of meat, and watching portions are easy ways to cut calories. This is a great example of paying attention to your macro nutrients. By making small changes to the way that food is prepared we can see that you are still able to enjoy your foods at the same time as staying within your macro nutrient requirements. Specifically when you are preparing your lean meats try to minimize the cooking oils that you are using. Obviously you will need to cook with some oils but if you can start to make good changes with the types of oils that you use you can start to trim up the macro levels all the way until the food is finished without compromising on the taste.

the result of fatty dressing elimination

There are so many great low fat or fat free options today for salad dressing options. Yes they are not as richly flavorful as the full fat options, however the fat and calories that you can save by this one simple change can make a huge difference in your daily amount of fat intake. Another note is that the salad on the left has more lean chicken then the one on the right. Therefore if you are tracking your macro nutrients like we have described in our previous posts then you will know exactly the amount of lean protein that you need for your salad.

healthy fats expample of avacodos ina salad

Yes we have all heard about the benefits of avocados and how great of a fat they are for you. However a typical avocado is loaded with fat, whether you buy in to the healthy fat vs good fat is not the point here. There is a daily amount of fat that our bodies are comfortable with. If you have an excess of fats in your diet this will make it difficult to achieve a well balanced macro nutrient balance for the day. So if you love avocados then great, just try not to eat the whole avocado.

All of these helpful tips really are going to break down to how you portion out your macro nutrients throughout the day. You want to space out your calories so that you have a nice steady flow of healthy proportions coming in to your body. This will allow a nice steady burn and achieve the ultimate goal of muscle building and fat burning potential.

Of course we have spoke about many different ways to calculate your daily macro nutrients, however one of the best ways to stay on track is with proper supplementation. One of the best ways to achieve proper supplementation and to feed the body of your hidden hunger is to follow great nutritional support from products for example Advocare MNS. With the proper nutritional support your body will be able to thermogenically burn your calories more efficiently as well as supply you body with the proper nutrients that are not possible to achieve with a diet of just fortified foods.

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