Alternate Treatment For Kidney Stones

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Kidney stones are a problem that occurs mainly in the people who do not take enough amount of water. The salt will deposit in the kidney leading to the formation of stones. Apart from the traditional methods, here are some alternate treatments that will be very useful to solve this illness in an efficient manner. First and foremost is the celery seed remedy. In this method, two teaspoons of celery seed have to be boiled in two cups of water. This liquid has to be taken on a regular basis. One has to be very careful while using this method as it will not be suitable for pregnant ladies. When this treatment is used, it will be advisable to sleep in the opposite direction of the kidney that has pain.

Next is the cherry remedy. This is a remedy that was started around the year 1950 by Dr. Ludwig W Blau. Here the person is advised to have about 7- 8 cherries on a daily basis as it reduces the occurrence of uric acid in the body. This is possible due to the inflammatory properties of the cherry. Olive oil remedy is the next one that is highly familiar in the medical world. In this method lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil will be used. Since the olive oil has a lubricating property, passing urine will be very easy. Finally, the watermelons cleanse. In this method, the person has to sit in warm water and try to eat watermelons as much as possible as it will help in cleaning the kidney in a better manner.

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