Denver Detox

Denver Detox

If you’re looking for a reliable and certified Denver detox facility, Valiant Living Detox Center should be your go-to destination. We address drug and alcohol addiction comprehensively via medication management, therapy, and dual diagnosis treatment. As an addiction victim, it’s in your interest to seek the best treatment you can to break free from addiction and embrace sobriety in the long run soon.

What is medical detox?

Medical detox refers to a clinical procedure that relies on medication to help patients overcome the withdrawal phase. Our clinicians use specific medication to cleanse your body of toxins and drug and alcohol-related residues, minimize the withdrawal’s effects, and ensure a safe and comfortable recovery.

Is medical detox safe?

Yes, but only when taking place in a certified facility and under strict professional supervision. Many people resort to self-detox procedures, risking life-threatening side-effects, and drug interactions. We advise against that and recommend coming to our center for safe and reliable treatment and recovery.

How long does drug or alcohol detox last?

The treatment’s duration varies from case to case. Most people coming to our Denver, CO, detox center spend between five to seven days in detox. For others, that timespan may expand. It depends on your case’s specifics, like addiction type, severity, symptoms, etc.

Is detox enough to combat addiction?

In the majority of cases, no or, at least, not in the long run. Our drug and alcohol detox in Denver, CO, is vital for recovery from addiction and overcoming the withdrawal phase fast and safely. Long-term, however, you will need to undergo some form of follow-up treatment, depending on your case. Our professionals at our Denver detox facilities will provide you with expert feedback during and after the detox program to guide you on the right path.

How to convince my loved one to enter detox?

If you can’t reach a consensus with them, contact our experts immediately. We can assist in honest discussions or even recommend you to some of our partner interventionist experts. They will highlight the need for the best detox for addiction in Denver and convince victims that they need medical and psychiatric treatment if they ever want to overcome addiction.

What other programs do you offer outside detox?

As a detox-only clinic, we only focus on drug and alcohol detoxification and medication management for co-occurring disorders. Knowing how detox is only the first step in the recovery process, we also work with partner rehab facilities to offer follow-up treatment if necessary.

Is drug detox expensive?

The prices may vary depending on your insurance coverage and length of stay. To find out more about our detox prices and treatment options, you can contact our team at 720-796-6885 , and they will provide you with all the necessary information.

Valiant Living Detox Center operates under the highest quality standards in the business, offering safe, comfortable, and reliable detox in a controlled environment. Our goal is to help addiction victims get back on their feet fast and embrace a sober, healthy, and fulfilling lifestyle over the years.

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